Monday, February 7, 2011

There is Hope

Last year I was at a conference in Chengdu with a friend. We were staying at a 2-star Chinese hotel, which was in a less than desirable part of town and the "paraphernalia" available in the hotel room raised some concern about what kind of business hotel it really was. On our third night, we were awakened in the dead of night to some activity going on next door that first made us giggle in nervousness and then shame overwhelmed us when we realized what was going on. Then prayer followed.

The next morning as I left our room, the "couple" next door also exited their room. As we entered the elevator together, I looked at the young girl in the eyes and her gaze held such shame, guilt and horror that my eyes welled up with tears. She looked barely 20 and the guy was much older and wouldn't even look at her. I wanted to cry out to her, "There is hope...He will wash away every tear, all shame because He loves you." Of course, language made this impossible but I hope by my smile and compassion in my eyes she felt God's presence somehow.

My friend and I prayed for her and I've often thought of the look in her eyes when she knew that I knew what occupation she held. I want to see freedom and hope in her eyes and not condemnation. I pray we will see women lifted from the same look as the veil is lifted and they feel the love of Christ wash over them.

I am so excited for next week and all that He will accomplish.

- Jenny

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