Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Catching up...

It's 11 p.m. and I can barely keep my eyes open. Our days have been so full since arriving to Chiang Mai. I thought I would post a few brief updates about what we've been doing. Also, here's the link to my Facebook page with a bunch of pictures on it. I changed the privacy settings so anyone can see it, at least until I get home and can upload my pics to the blog and my FB in a hurry!

A few of our favorite things:
  • We met Jeff, the Rayong Vineyard pastor in Pattaya and he drove us to Rayong on Saturday. He spent the afternoon sharing his story with us and his vision for starting a coffee business in Doi Chang and Rayong.
  • We ate at a very authentic Thai seafood restaurant on a pier in Rayong. I tried two kinds of fish and ate a crab cake. Not so bad.
  • I preached at the Rayong Vineyard on Sunday morning. I spoke on Jesus and his revolutionary treatment of women. Susan led worship on the electric guitar! She's never played before. It was awesome. We got to pray for several people who attend the church. An 80-year-old man that Susan and Jenny prayed for had never been to a church his entire life. They prayed for his eyes and he said they felt warm and he didn't understand what he was feeling. But he said he would come back to church next Sunday.
  • After church, everyone eats outside together. A woman made homemade pad thai and mangoes and sticky rice. OMG! Amazing!
  • We led a short program for children at an art school in Rayong. We taught on being the body of Christ. All the kids had to draw a specific body part. Then we blindfolded them and they tried to put their part in the right place on a big body. It was hilarious. We also got to pray for the owner of the art school. She doesn't know Jesus, but is searching for meaning in her life.
  • We ate dinner with Jeff and his family at an amazing place he called "the jungle restaurant." It was like the Rainforest Cafe on steroids.
  • ...
I can't write anymore. So tired. Will do more tomorrow! Just wanted to give a quick update!

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