Monday, February 21, 2011

Despair in Pattaya

Yesterday we were stopped at a red light and witnessed a woman crying inside of a clinic. The English words on the storefront said, “HIV Quick Test”. I knew we were witnessing something so personal, so raw and yet I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. You could tell she was trying to hold it together…. to gather herself. She ended up walking outside, and started sobbing again with the weight of her body too much to bear and leaning against the cement wall.

So many questions ran through my mind, “Did she just learn she had HIV?”, “Does she have children?”, “Does she have an avenue for medicine?”, “Will she tell her employer that she is infected?”, “What will she do for money now?” and finally “Who will tell her about the hope found in Jesus?”

So much to think about, assess, analyze in the good old American way.

What is the church’s responsibility? Where are the Christian counseling centers? Where are WE in this woman’s life?

This is all of my processing…..

All part of Thailand.

- Jenny

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